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Créer un nouveau Cadre national d'éducation préscolaire et de garde d'enfants qui permettra aux familles canadiennes de bénéficier de services de garde d'enfants de haute qualité, souples et inclusifs - ce travail commencera dans les cent premiers jours qui suivront l'élection d'un gouvernement libéral et sera financé par des investissements dans les infrastructures sociales.

Plate-forme libérale Page 22 October 5, 2015
Apr 2018

Les ministres fédéral, provinciaux et territoriaux responsables de l'apprentissage et de la garde des jeunes enfants

Gouvernement du Canada April 04, 2018

Les ministres fédéral, provinciaux et territoriaux responsables de l’apprentissage et de la garde des jeunes enfants se sont entendus sur un Cadre multilatéral pour l'apprentissage et la garde des jeunes enfants.

Vous pouvez en apprendre plus sur ce cadre en lisant la documentation ici.

Jan 2016

[en anglais] Shared Framework for building an early childhood education and care system for all

Child Care Canada January 20, 2016

The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) worked with many others from across Canada to develop this Shared Framework, which is addressed to federal, provincial and territorial governments. We worked quickly so as to be able to respond to the new federal government’s commitment to develop a National Early Learning and Child Care Framework in collaboration with provinces, territories and Indigenous communities.

After the Framework was sent to federal/provincial/territorial ministers responsible for ECEC last week, the CCAAC, CCCF, CRRU and Campaign 2000 met with federal Minister for Families, Children and Social Development Jean-Yves Duclos and Parliamentary Secretary Terry Duguid. We were encouraged by their approach, finding the meeting collegial and productive.

At the meeting, we discussed the Shared Framework and its potential role in informing intergovernmental consultations and negotiations. Recognizing that these processes are likely to take some time, we also suggested that in parallel to beginning to build a cross-Canada ECEC system, well-considered short term initiatives would be welcome. We identified several areas for provincial/territorial initiatives: affordability, the child care workforce and initiatives concerning harder-to-serve populations.