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Donner à Élections Canada les ressources dont elle a besoin pour enquêter sur les cas de fraude ou de dissuasion électorales, sur le financement illégal, et sur toute autre affaire qui menace l’intégrité du processus électoral.

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Feb 2018

(en anglais) As America deals with Russian interference, Canada allocates millions to protect electoral system

Global News February 27, 2018

As questions continue to swirl around the extent to which Russia interfered in the 2016 American presidential election, the federal government is allocating $7.1 million over five years to help protect Canada’s electoral system from threats.

In addition to that money – which will go the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections – Elections Canada will also reallocate $14 million over the next two years to hire more staff to protect the electoral system.

According to finance officials, $3 million normally used to hire contract staff at Elections Canada will instead be used in 2018-2019 to hire staff who will work full-time to prevent attempts to interfere in the upcoming 2019 federal election.