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Double funding in Canada Council for the Arts to $360 million each year (from its 2015 yearly budget of $180 million).

Liberal Platform Page 57 October 5, 2015
In progress
Mar 2019

Annual Report 2018-2019

Canada Council for the Arts March 31, 2019

2018-19 marked the third year of the progressive doubling of the Council’s budget, originally announced in Budget 2016. An additional $35 million was added to the Council’s base Parliamentary appropriations, on top of the $75 million in ongoing funding provided over the previous two years. Cumulatively, over the three years, 91.2% of this new funding has been directly injected into the arts sector.

Total revenue and Parliamentary appropriations: $305,103,000

As of 2019, the Canada Council for the Arts has a budget about of $305m. Their budget has been steadily increased since 2016 and is scheduled to reach $360m in 2020. The original promise had no timeline and the Council's budget is clearly on a path to achieve its promised amount within a year. As a result, this promise will remain in progress even as Parliament gets dissolved in the fall for the 2019 election.

Mar 2016

Canada Council for the Arts getting fund infusion

Toronto Star March 22, 2016

The Canada Council for the Arts is set to receive a major infusion of funds - but some patience will be required.

The Liberal budget unveiled Tuesday granted an additional $40 million for the organization this year, with incrementally larger annual increases leading to an additional $180 million in 2020-21 and, ultimately, $550 million in new investment.

According to the 2016 federal budget, the Canada Council for the Arts will see its funding doubled in 2020. The original promise had no timeline, so for now it's in progress.