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Reverse $150 million cuts in new annual funding for CBC/Radio-Canada.

Liberal Platform Page 56 October 5, 2015
Jun 2018

CBC/Radio-Canada Annual Report 2017-2018

CBC/Radio-Canada June 21, 2018

Total government appropriations for operating activities increased by a further $75.0 million this year. This brings the total reinvestment in the public broadcaster to $150.0 million annually as announced by the government in March 2016.

You can read CBC's full 2017-2018 annual report here.

Mar 2016

Liberals follow through on promise to restore CBC funding in budget

Toronto Star March 22, 2016

The cultural sector received a $1.87-billion boost over five years Tuesday in a Liberal budget that aims to reshape the narrative of the economy.

During the campaign, the Liberals promised to restore and increase the CBC’s budget and will begin with a $75-million injection this year, followed by $150 million a year over until 2020-2021.

According to the 2016 federal budget, CBC receives $75m for 2016-17 and is scheduled to receive the promised $150m per year for all subsequent four years. The original promise had no timeline, so for now it's in progress - it will be updated as accordingly if/when CBC gets its $150 million per year.