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Establish a free online service for learning and retaining English and French as second languages.

Liberal Platform Page 58 October 5, 2015
Sep 2019

Parliament dissolved

September 11, 2019

Parliament was dissolved on September 11, 2019. No such tool currently exists. The government does have a Language Portal, but that was launched back in 2009, and it currently has no interactive tool to learn English or French, as mentioned in this promise.

Feb 2018

Supporting Canada’s Heritage and Cultural Diversity

2018 Federal Budget February 27, 2018

Canada’s heritage and culture plays a vital part in the day-to-day lives of Canadians. To support this important sector of our economy, Budget 2018 proposes investments that will ensure that Canada's heritage can be celebrated and shared by more Canadians in more communities across the country.

Canada’s linguistic duality, which for 50 years has been enshrined in the Official Languages Act, is an integral part of Canada's history and identity. Strong official language minority communities not only celebrate our shared history and identity, they are essential to Canada's competitiveness in an increasingly globalized world.

The Government proposes to provide $400.0 million in new funding over five years, starting in 2018–19, with $88.4 million per year ongoing, in support of the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018-2023. Key measures will be implemented by Canadian Heritage, Employment and Social Development Canada, Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada, and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and will include funding for: [...] Development of an interactive application to make it easy for Canadians to learn English or French as a second language.