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Eliminate the $1,000 Labour Market Impact Assessment fee to make it easier and more affordable to hire caregivers.

Liberal Platform Page 63 October 5, 2015
Dec 2017

Feds axe $1,000 fee for certain families to hire foreign nannies, caregivers

National Post December 27, 2017

The new regulations apply to those who earn less than $150,000 a year and want to hire someone from abroad to look after their children. Those seeking to hire a caregiver for people with a physical or mental illness will also be exempt from the labour market impact assessment, or LMIA, fee.

Upon forming government, the Liberals had originally promised to waive the fee for everyone applying to hire a caregiver under the temporary foreign worker program, but ultimately decided not to pursue that approach.

"Families that do not require care for persons who are incapable of caring for themselves due to a physical or mental condition or are earning $150,000 or more and seeking caregivers to provide childcare should be in a position to pay the $1,000 LMIA processing fee to hire caregivers to provide care in their home without creating undue financial hardship," the regulatory statement published Wednesday said.

This promise obviously falls into what one could consider as the "partially achieved" or "achieved with changes" category - but we don't have those categories. A subgroup of Canadians (those making more than $150,000) won't be able to benefit from this change, and since that provision wasn't part of the original promise (which was simply to "eliminate the fee"), that promise has now been marked as broken.