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Restore the eligibility age for Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement to 65.

Liberal Platform Page 7 October 5, 2015
Mar 2016

Taking OAS eligibility back to age 65 makes Canada the odd one out when it comes to global pensions

Financial Post March 17, 2016

Although the Liberals have stayed mum on most of their budget plans, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirm one detail: the eligibility for old age security is being rolled back to age 65, effectively banging the dents out of the retirement plans affected by the Harper government's 2012 decision to slowly increase the age of OAS eligibility to 67.

“Next week’s budget will confirm that we are keeping the old retirement age at 65,” Trudeau said in an interview with Bloomberg TV in New York Thursday. “How we care for the most vulnerable in our society is very important.”