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Reduce the Employment Insurance (EI) premium rate from $1.88 to $1.65 (per $100 of insurable earnings).

Liberal Platform Page 78 October 5, 2015
Sep 2016

EI premium rates and maximums

Canada Revenue Agency September 26, 2016

EI premium rate for 2017: 1.63%

Mar 2016

2016 Federal Budget

2016 Federal Budget March 22, 2016

Annex 1 > Employment Insurance Operating Account

According to the 2016 federal budget, the projected premium rate per $100 of insurable earnings is projected to go down to $1.61 in 2017.

Dec 2015

Liberals renew pledge to lower EI premiums, but won't say by how much

CBC News December 17, 2015

The federal Liberal government is backtracking somewhat on its promise to lower employment insurance premiums in 2017, saying it's not clear how much premiums will go down.

"We're definitely going to see lower premiums," Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk told CBC News on Wednesday.

"Exactly where that lands, when we bring in all of the new systems - I think we can say to Canadians the premiums will be lower. Exactly where, I'm not sure."

Although that doesn't bode well for this promise, we'll have to wait and see whether the premiums go down by the promised amount when the budget is released in the spring of 2016.