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Phase out subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

Liberal Platform Page 40 October 5, 2015
Mar 2016

Fossil Fuel Subsidies To Remain In Place, Despite Liberals' 'Greenest' Budget Ever

Huffington Post March 24, 2016

Now is not the time to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr said Wednesday, despite what a Liberal cabinet colleague is billing as the greenest federal budget ever.

[...] a campaign promise to "phase out subsidies to the fossil fuel industry over the medium-term" did not make the cut in the first Liberal budget. In fact, the government locked in one recent liquefied natural gas subsidy until 2025.

Green party Leader Elizabeth May called the first Liberal budget a bitter disappointment. "I personally believe that Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Jim Carr - I believe that cabinet - wants to deliver real climate action. I believe that," said May. "But I'm believing it now in spite of the evidence to the contrary in this budget... They just committed to fossil fuel subsidies until 2025."