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Re-do the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion review.

Liberal Response August 20, 2015
Nov 2016

Report from the Ministerial Panel for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

Report from the Ministerial Panel for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project November 01, 2016

Against the background of the changes already discussed, and in light of other complaints about the National Energy Board's process of environmental assessment and review, there emerged in some quarters an expectation that the Government of Canada would replace the NEB review of the Trans Mountain proposal with a new process altogether. Indeed, the new administration of Prime Minister Trudeau has indicated an intention to conduct a thorough overhaul of the NEB. But in January, 2016, Environment Minister McKenna announced that this regulatory reorganization is expected to take several years and that the Government did not intend to force proponents that had pursued complex and expensive applications, in good faith, to have to begin again from scratch.

The tight timeline and the panel's unusual mandate (to "complement" rather than review or redo the NEB process), created significant confusion and, especially in British Columbia, a degree of backlash. Some members of the public, as well as some First Nations, assumed that the panel would facilitate a full-scale consultation. That was never the intent (especially in the case of First Nations, where the responsibility for consultation fell elsewhere).

As can be seen from the ministerial panel report, there is an acknowledgement that what was done over the summer of 2016 was not meant to re-do the NEB review process, but rather to complement it with additional input from various stakeholders. This falls short of the original promise was to do a completely new review of the project.

May 2016

NEB approves Trans Mountain pipeline with 157 conditions

CBC News May 19, 2016

The federal government now has seven months to make a decision on the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, after the national regulator gave its support to the proposed project.

The National Energy Board is recommending the multi-billion dollar pipeline be constructed if 157 conditions are met, including 49 environmental requirements. The NEB described the requirements as achievable for the company.

Kinder Morgan must meet the conditions in order for the company to construct and operate the pipeline.

May 2016

Trudeau government names Trans Mountain environmental review panel

CBC News May 17, 2016

The federal government has announced the first of its promised additional environmental reviews of two pipeline projects that are already before the National Energy Board.

The new, three-member panel will look into the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipelines.

The company wants to add a second pipeline alongside the original that was built in 1953 to carry oil from Edmonton to Burnaby. If approved, the twin lines would carry nearly 900,000 barrels of crude a day starting in 2018.

Jan 2016

Pipeline projects to face new environmental regulations

CBC News January 27, 2016

Pipeline projects will face a new environmental assessment process. Moving forward, the environment ministry will analyze greenhouse gas emissions that would result from approving pipeline projects. The results from that study would then be presented to cabinet, which will make the final decision on whether to approve a project. The process will also include greater public and indigenous consultations on projects.

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced Wednesday that the government is launching an interim review process that will impose more steps on projects such as Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain and TransCanada's Energy East pipelines before they can be built.