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Bring in tougher regulations to eliminate trans fats and to reduce salt in processed foods.

Liberal Platform Page 20 October 5, 2015
Sep 2018

Trans fats ban goes into effect in Canada

Global News September 17, 2018

A ban on the main source of artificial trans fats took effect Monday.

Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) are the main source of industry-produced trans fats, according to Health Canada, and are normally used to create a certain consistency in food or to increase shelf life. They are often found in commercially baked goods, like store-bought cookies, as well as margarine and shortening.

The ban will be implemented with a two-year phase-in period. That means food manufactured after Sept. 17, 2018, will need to be PHO free, but food manufactured before that will continue to be on shelves for the next two years.

Sep 2017

Health Canada trans fat ban takes effect next year

CBC News September 15, 2017

Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor announced Friday the final step to ban partially hydrogenated oils in all foods sold in Canada.

The oils are the main source of trans fats in foods that raise levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol and lower "good" cholesterol, which can take a toll on our heart health.

Trans fats are used in the production of pastries, other baked goods and some packaged goods to extend shelf life.