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Ensure gender-based impact analysis in Cabinet decision-making.

Liberal Platform Page 35 October 5, 2015
Feb 2019

Internal docs show many federal departments not meeting gender analysis targets

Toronto Star February 02, 2019

The Trudeau Liberals’ promise to examine how their plans affect women and men differently hasn’t been fulfilled across the federal government, internal documents say.

Results from an internal survey conducted by Status of Women Canada measuring the implementation of “gender-based analysis plus” (GBA+, in the government’s jargon) found fewer than half of departments and agencies have a GBA+ plan, with most departments saying they lack the internal mechanisms to apply one.

Trudeau instructed Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef to make sure the government uses GBA+ more in decision-making and in 2017 the Liberals said they’d applied a gender-based analysis to a federal budget for the first time. But major gaps remain, according to the government’s own findings. For example, in 2016, the Trudeau government made it mandatory that all memos to cabinet and Treasury Board submissions — which often form the basis of big spending or policy decisions — have a gender-based analysis. Fewer than half of departments have tracked whether this has indeed been done for these or other documents, according to the internal survey.

Mar 2017

Liberals' 1st gender-sensitive budget identifies gaps, funds possible fixes

CBC News March 22, 2017

Sixty measures in the 2017 federal budget affect men and women differently, according to analyses presented for the first time in their own budget chapter, on an equal footing with other chapters dedicated to tax fairness and the government's much-discussed skills and innovation strategy.

Morneau's determined to get more women participating in the workforce. Currently, they make up 51 per cent of the population but 47 per cent of the labour force. Gender-focused economic strategy could bring that number up.

The government also launched an analysis tool to that effect in May 2017 called GBA+.