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Register young Canadians to vote as a part of their high school or CEGEP curriculum.

Liberal Platform Page 27 October 5, 2015
Sep 2019

Parliament dissolved

September 11, 2019

Parliament was dissolved on September 11, 2019. Bill C-33 never progressed past its first reading.

Nov 2016

Liberal government breaks international ground with registry of prospective voters as young as 14

The Hill Times November 25, 2016

Bill C-33 proposes that Elections Canada collect data on youth as young as 14 who pre-register to vote. Other countries such as the U.S., France, and New Zealand allow for similar pre-registering, but at a minimum age of 16.

Under legislation Ms. Monsef tabled in the House on Nov. 24, Bill C-33, Elections Canada would have the authority to gather the information—if the youth over the age of 14 actively chooses to provide it—and hold the data until the individual turns 18, at which time the information would be automatically included in a national registry of electors maintained by Elections Canada.

The Liberal party's election platform did not specify Liberal plans to establish a voter registry for prospective voters as young as 14, but its platform for young Canadians promised that a Liberal government would work with Elections Canada to register young voters as a part of their high school curriculum or, in Quebec, the CEGEP curriculum.