Immigration Refugees

Provide a right to appeal refugee decisions for citizens coming from Designated Countries of Origin.

Liberal Platform Page 65 October 5, 2015
Jan 2016

Liberals Drop Appeal Of Unconstitutional Tory Refugee Measure

Huffington Post January 04, 2016

The Liberal government says it won't fight to preserve Conservative government rule changes that made it impossible for some rejected refugee claimants to pursue appeals.

A Federal Court ruled in July that it was unconstitutional for the Conservatives to strip the right of appeal for refugee applicants from a list of countries the government deemed to be "safe."

Diane Laursen, a spokeswomen for Immigration Minister John McCallum, says the government has withdrawn the legal appeal in the refugee case, which was brought by the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers on behalf of rejected refugees from Croatia, Hungary and Romania.

Refugees from Designated Countries of Origin could not appeal the decisions concerning their status. This was a Conservative measure that was contested in court and deemed unconstitutional; when the election started, the Conservative government was in the midst of appealing the court's decision. The new Liberal government has now dropped the case, meaning this measure no longer applies.