Immigration Family Reunification

Immediately double the number of applications allowed for parents and grandparents to 10,000 each year.

Liberal Platform Page 62 October 5, 2015
Jan 2016

Canada will take in 10,000 parent, grandparent sponsorship applications this year

CBC News January 08, 2016

Immigration Minister John McCallum says 10,000 applications for reunification of parents and grandparents will be accepted this year, despite a notice posted on the government's web site earlier this week cautioning applicants that a 5,000 annual cap was still in place.

McCallum said the government will accept 10,000 applications in keeping with the Liberal Party's pledge to double the 5,000 cap previously put in place by the Conservatives.

A notice posted on the government's web site Thursday said the application period is now closed and that the Immigration Department will retain the first 10,000 "complete" applications.

As you can see below, this promise was first marked as broken because the government website wasn't up to date. Despite what was displayed on their website, the minister of Immigration confirmed that his department will in fact process 10,000 applications, as promised during the election.

Jan 2016

Liberals scrambling on family-immigrant targets

Ottawa Citizen January 04, 2016

The federal immigration department has said it will be accepting the same number of applications this year as it did in 2015 from parents and grandparents wanting to join family members in Canada, despite a Liberal election promise to double the intake "immediately."

Doubling the number of applications from parents and grandparents to 10,000 a year was a central part of the Liberals' election platform.