Security Bill C-51 (Anti-terrorism Act, 2015)

Require that government review all appeals by Canadians on the no-fly list.

Liberal Platform Page 53 October 5, 2015
Jun 2019

An Act respecting national security matters

Parliament of Canada June 21, 2019

135 Subsection 16(2) of the Act is replaced by the following: Application (2) A listed person who has been denied transportation as a result of a direction made under section 9 may appeal a decision referred to in section 15 to a judge within 60 days after the day on which the notice of the decision referred to in subsection 15(5) is received.

Bill C-59 received royal assent on June 21, 2019.

Jun 2017

Liberals to create 'super' national security watchdog as part of anti-terror law overhaul

CBC News June 20, 2017

The federal Liberal government is creating a new "super" civilian watchdog to review security and intelligence agencies across government and extending new powers to Canada's electronic spy agency.

The proposed changes were unveiled today as part of a massive legislative overhaul of Canada's anti-terrorism regime.

The new bill also checks off a number of election campaign promises to repeal what the platform called "problematic elements" of Bill C-51, including: Upgrading no-fly procedures, though officials conceded today that technological and other complexities, including matching information used by airlines, limit the extent of reforms.

Bill C-59 is currently in its first reading as of June 20, 2017.