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Revenir à l'équilibre budgétaire en 2019.

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Jun 2017

(en anglais) Justin Trudeau refuses to set date for balancing the budget

Global News | June 18, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not tell Canadians when – or even if – he will bring Canada's books back to the black.

Given several opportunities in a one-on-one interview, Trudeau chose to justify the Liberal government’s spending rather than say whether he has a plan to eliminate Canada's growing deficit.

Asked how investing in infrastructure, for example, precludes him from saying when the books will be balanced, Trudeau suggested the investments create a lot of moving parts but will, inevitably, grow the economy "in a significant way."

Bien que ça ne semble pas très prometteur, cette promesse ne peut pas être marquée comme étant brisée maintenant mais elle sera mise à jour au printemps 2019 lorsque le budget fédéral 2019 sera dévoilé.