Sécurité Projet de loi C-51 (Loi antiterroriste de 2015)

Créer le Bureau de sensibilisation communautaire et nommer un coordonnateur de lutte contre la radicalisation.

Plate-forme libérale Page 60 October 5, 2015
Feb 2019

Comité national de spécialistes sur la lutte contre la radicalisation menant à la violence

Sécurité publique Canada February 25, 2019

Le Comité s'assurera que les efforts du Centre canadien pour mettre en œuvre la Stratégie nationale de lutte contre la radicalisation menant à la violence s'alignera avec les trois priorités de la stratégie récemment lancée: acquérir, communiquer et mettre en application des connaissances, s'attaquer à la radicalisation menant à la violence en ligne et soutenir les interventions.

Jun 2017

(en anglais) Liberals launch counter-radicalization centre but special adviser to be appointed later

Toronto Star June 26, 2017

The federal government’s long-promised counter-radicalization centre is now open, but the appointment of a special adviser to shape a national strategy could be months away.

The government says the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence will provide national leadership, co-ordination and support to stop young people from heading down a dark path.

The 2016 budget provided $35 million over five years and $10 million annually thereafter to prevent extremism from taking root.

Feb 2017

(en anglais) Ottawa's anti-radicalization centre to look at all forms of hate including alt-right: Goodale

Global News February 05, 2017

Ottawa's planned national counter-radicalization centre will help root out lone wolf and copycat attackers – no matter what kind of messaging inspires them, said Canada's public safety minister, a week after one man was charged for shooting and killing six Muslim men at a mosque in Quebec City.

The centre will investigate radicalization of all kinds with the goal “to be able to find a way to detect this behaviour better... and then to identify the right ways, with the right people at the right time to intervene in that behaviour, before it leads to tragedy,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said in an interview on The West Block.