Replatforming (Finally) Complete

Feb 28, 2017

It took slightly more time than expected, but the replatforming of the site is finally complete!

Those of you who had visited the site before 2017 might notice some user interface changes as well as a refresh of the overall look and feel. One notable change is the integration of the tweets timeline right on the homepage - to see the tweets without leaving the site, you can now click the (you guessed it) "See the tweets" button underneath the dark meter description box on the home page.

Although it doesn't really show from the outside, the code updates we made also greatly improve the scalability and reusability of the platform. Since last year, we've shared the code with quite a few people and have seen other countries effectively implement their own versions of the TrudeauMeter (such as the Argentine Macrimetro or the Jamaican AndrewMeter). Needless to say, each additional implementation was customized and required quite a bit of work from everyone's part. Going forward, that'll be much easier. More on that later.

Now that we're (mostly) done with the "behind the scenes" work, we can get back to updating the TrudeauMeter and keeping those promise statuses in line with reality. The 2017 federal budget is coming soon - just like last year, many promises are likely to be impacted by it. Stay tuned!

Updates Coming in 2017

Jan 17, 2017

Happy New Year to all!

2017 promises to be a fascinating year, both at home and abroad. With a new (and markedly different) administration south of the border, our own federal government well into its second year and approaching mid-mandate, a BC general election and the Conservative Party leadership election both happening in May, and major elections for EU heavyweights France and Germany, we will certainly witness interesting changes in the political landscape in the months to come.

The TrudeauMeter project is evolving as well. Behind the scenes, we've been busy replatforming the whole thing due to our legacy backend-as-a-service provider (Parse) shutting down its hosting services on January 28. From a frontend perspective, this change mostly won't affect how the website looks and works, but will open up exciting new opportunities for new projects going forward.

Here is a summary of the changes coming in 2017:

Frontend and functionality

  • We're merging English and French comments together, meaning each promise's discussion section will be open for comments in both languages simultaneously.
  • We're discontinuing the ability to login to track promises since most of the promise tracking already happens on each promise's open discussion section.
  • Minor interface updates (look and feel).


These updates should be done by February, at which point we'll get back to updating the promises that currently have an outdated status. Thanks for your patience!

Analytics Tool Coming Soon...

Nov 04, 2016

As you can see from the last post, we promised you a report for November 04. Time has kept its promise (as it always does) but the report isn't ready yet. Maybe we should start a promise tracker for our own promises :)

We're working on a cool analytics tool that will allow you to track the progression of what was achieved or broken over time, based on what's in our database. That will essentially allow you to create your own "report" based on custom criteria you choose. Because every status update is accompanied by a supporting article (which itself has a date), once that's done, you'll be able to query what was accomplished at a specific point in time, regardless of what happens after that.

All that to say, we're working on it... Keep checking back to know when that will be done. We'll post an announcement on Facebook and Twitter once it's done too.

One Year Since the 2015 Election

Oct 19, 2016

One year ago today, we went to the polls to elect our government.

Justin Trudeau was allowed to form a majority government by winning 184 seats (out of 338).

Even though the election happened exactly one year ago in October 2015, he and his cabinet were sworn in on November 4, 2015. It will therefore soon be a full year since the Liberals are in power, and we thought it'd be a good time to report on what was achieved so far. Come back here on November 4th and we'll have a report ready!

Federal Budget 2016 - Impact on Promises

Mar 29, 2016

The 2016 federal budget was unveiled by the government on March 22, 2016 - exactly a week ago today. As expected, that budget had an impact on several promises and we updated many promise statuses as a result.

We might have forgotten a few, as you know this is an eternal work in progress :)

Overall, the changes are: 33 promises in progress, 15 achieved, 10 broken. Here is the full list:

Culture Economy Environment Government Indigenous Peoples Security

100 Days

Feb 11, 2016

Today marks Justin Trudeau's 100th day as Prime Minister. Now as we all know, 100 is an arbitrary number that just happens to look nice and round because our everyday life numeral system is decimal. Chances are, if we had evolved to have six fingers on each hand instead of five, we'd be using a duodecimal system instead and politicians would have 44 more days to get things done before reaching the dreaded "100" milestone. How nice would that be? All jokes aside, it's worth noting the 2016 budget hasn't even been submitted yet (federal budgets are usually submitted in March or April) and when that happens, it will be a key piece of information in terms of knowing where the government is heading. Our goal is to do a proper assessment report of all the promises after the government's first year in power, which will happen on November 4, 2016.

In the meantime, and in the spirit of keeping with the tradition of doing something to mark "the first 100 days", here's a neat little breakdown of the site's 10 most popular promises (by number of comments) - please note the number of comments and promise statuses represent a snapshot as of February 11, 2016.


Number of comments and promise statuses as of Feb 11, 2016

New Crop of Promises

Dec 09, 2015

As you might have seen from the messageboards, lots of you sent us info about promises that were made but originally not included on the website. We’ve recently added a bunch of them - see below :)

More promise status updates are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Justin Trudeau Takes Office Today

Nov 04, 2015

This is it! Justin Trudeau is taking office today (Nov 4) - and you can now start tracking promises as promised (no pun intended) :)

Since more than a thousand of you wanted to become Promise Trackers, it quickly became clear that it would be impractical for a few people to email everyone individually to sign you up into the system. Hence the delay to allow us to code a solution that would make our lives easier and prove more sustainable for the future. A few important points before we begin:

  • The platform is brand new and might still have a few bugs. If you find any, please report them into the main forum and upvote the big ones.
  • The goal of the platform is to track promises using reference documents. It basically allows you to suggest a promise status update and send a link to a news article/document that supports your suggestion. Please only post valid links, one link at a time. You’ll see I already did that for the promise about Operation IMPACT and the one about Canada Post. If you’re particularly interested in a promise, you can simply bookmark it for easy future access.
  • Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to reset your password by going to the "Your Profile" section. There’s no automatic "Forgot password" mechanism yet so don’t forget your password for now :)

The rest should be pretty straightforward. You can sign up (and sign in) right here (note the new "Sign in" link in the header as well). Note: this functionality has been removed in 2016.


Promise Trackers

Oct 26, 2015

It's a brand new week and here are some important updates:

  • An ever-increasing and amazing number of you want to become Promise Trackers - more than 550 so far!! That's great and we'll make it happen - but it'll require a bit more time. If you haven't been contacted yet, that's ok. You will be contacted eventually with the email address you provided. Here's what will happen - we'll create a mini-forum accessible from this site and provide each of you with a username and a private password (which you'll be able to modify). Once inside the forum, you'll be able to post articles and suggest updates to a promise's status. By doing this all together, it'll become pretty easy to spot promises that need to be updated, and what articles/documents we'll post on the site to justify any changes we make. The goal is to have everyone onboarded by Nov 4 - thank you for your patience!
  • In other news, you might have noticed there is now a search box above the big promises table on the main page. That should make finding what you're looking for easier and faster. For example, if you type "mex" you'll get the two promises that involve Mexico or Mexicans. It also works for statuses: if you type "not started" you'll get the list of all 173 promises that are currently in that status - or if you type "in progress", you'll see the two promises that currently have that status. Bonus freebie: although the official word is "marijuana", try searching for one of its many synonyms - it'll also work :)
  • Another big and important change: references to where the promise was found now appear on each promise page. Most of them come from the Liberal platform - but a few others come from other sources, such as news articles or media (like this one).
Happy Monday!

First Days

Oct 23, 2015

Thanks for coming back! We've had a great first day so far with more than 100,000 views! Thanks for being a part of it!

Here are a few updates which I'm sure you'll appreciate:

  • Many of you (150+ so far) want to become Promise Keepers. That's great and we haven't had the time to contact all of you yet - stay tuned and by beginning of next week we should be all set.
  • A few promises are worded in such a way as to be classified as "In progress" right now - think Ensure judicial appointments to the Supreme Court are functionally bilingual or Maintain participation in NATO Operations REASSURANCE and UNIFIER. Realistically, these promises can only be broken if the government ends up doing the exact opposite of what it's already doing - that being said, the new government is not in place yet and Trudeau will only be sworn in on Nov 4. So we'll keep them as "Not started" for now and they'll automatically become in progress once the new government is in place. We felt the one about Operation IMPACT was the only exception since one of the very first thing Trudeau did as Prime Minister Designate was to call Obama to tell him our jets would leave earlier than originally planned.
  • Showing where the promises come from. We all agree this is very important. That'll be done within the next two days - it'll show somewhere on each promise page where it was found.
  • Search box. We're working on it. It'll be simple, but it'll work.
  • La version française sera en ligne dans les environs de vendredi après-midi - merci de votre patience!
  • There were quite a few comments about adding the Liberal promise to revert changes that prevent Canadian expats who have lived abroad more than 5 years to vote. Turns out that promise is already in there: that provision is part of Bill C-50 and Trudeau said he would scrap it: Scrap Bill C-50 (Citizen Voting Act).
  • There were also a few comments about who's behind this website. That's fair to ask and might not have been obvious at first sight - short answer is, as you might have seen in the comments, I (Dom Bernard) started it along with a few friends who helped me write some of the backend code and compile and translate the promises. We're not getting paid for it, we all have full-time jobs and are doing this as a great side project that also has the serious side of being about the direction our country is taking. In time, we hope the community will run itself as we track and see all the progress our new government will accomplish over the next months and years. For the record, there's a link to my company in the bottom right corner of every page and all my contact info is there. And of course none of us is affiliated with any political party. That would just ruin everything :)

Happy postin'!