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Make the New Building Canada Fund more transparent by providing clearer project criteria and faster approval processes.

Liberal Platform Page 14 October 5, 2015
Jul 2018

Evaluation of the New Building Canada Fund

Infrastructure Canada - Audit and Evaluation Branch July 09, 2018

This evaluation covered a three-year period from the Fund’s inception in 2014-2015 to 2016-2017. While the focus of this evaluation was on the design and implementation aspects, it also examined how effectively the NBCF delivered on its mandate.

4.4 Efficiency Finding 11: The time between the submission of projects by recipients and when it is reviewed by INFC's PRP has been reduced since the NBCF was amended in 2016.

A comparative analysis found that under PTIC-NRP the average project approval was reduced from 217 working days prior to the implementation of these changes to 86 working days post-implementation. This represents a reduction of almost 60%. In addition, the median time spent went from 198 working days to 77 working days, which represents a reduction of about 61%.