Economy Investments

Invest an additional $775 million per year for job and skills training.

Liberal Platform Page 15 October 5, 2015
Mar 2016

2016 Federal Budget

2016 Federal Budget March 22, 2016

Chapter 1 > Enhancing Investments in Training

Budget 2016 proposes to provide an additional $125 million in 2016–17 for the Labour Market Development Agreements, and an additional $50 million in 2016–17 for the Canada Job Fund Agreements. These investments will help ensure unemployed and underemployed Canadians can access the training and supports they need to develop their skills and pursue opportunities for a better future.

As can be seen on page 15 of the Liberal 2015 electoral platform, this promise referred to $775 million as being broken down into: $500 million for Labour Market Development Agreements + $200 million for provincial training programs for those who don't qualify for Employment Insurance or who are not employed + $50 million for the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy + $25 million for training facilities delivered in partnership with labour unions. As can be seen from Budget 2016, the allocated $125 million for Labour Market Development Agreements falls short of the promised additional $500 million, as does the allocated $50 million for the Job Fund Agreements versus the promised additional $200 million.