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Develop a Canadian Energy Strategy to protect Canada’s energy security.

Liberal Platform Page 41 October 5, 2015
Oct 2017

Canada’s energy strategy will be an ongoing ‘dialogue’ rather than concrete document: Carr

Global News October 13, 2017

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr says the federal government’s long-promised national energy strategy won’t be a single document, but an ongoing conversation with Canadians about the issue.

Carr has wrapped up a conference in Winnipeg that brought together experts and industry representatives from around the world with a view to talk about formulating such a strategy. Carr repeatedly said the Generation Energy conference in Winnipeg was a big part of developing that strategy. However, when it was over, he said there would be no grand unveiling of the government’s thinking; rather, it will be done on an ongoing basis in multiple formats.

The information gleaned from the two-day event – “a treasure chest of creativity and good ideas,” he called it – will be analyzed and put to good use, he added – but not in any sort of overarching speech or plan for Canadians to see.

This promise is marked as broken because the way the government claims to be delivering it - as an "ongoing conversation" with Canadians rather than a concrete and well-defined document - is very different from what was originally expected, especially due to the original promise wording of "developing" a strategy. Many stakeholders, including industry in particular, expected a concrete framework with which to base investment decisions, which obviously won’t be the case in this current format. It is worth noting the provinces had already developed their own Canadian Energy Strategy back in July of 2015.