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Review the limits on how much political parties can spend during elections, and ensure that spending between elections is subject to limits.

Liberal Platform (Page 27) October 5, 2015
In progress
May 2017

Federal Liberals set to introduce stricter rules, more transparency for political fundraising

National Post | May 30, 2017

Canada's political fundraising rules are getting another overhaul, as the Liberal government is set to introduce a bill that will force all parties to follow stricter standards on transparency in fundraising events.

The government is still working on a larger-scale package of reforms to election rules, expected in the fall.

Under current rules, there are two general loopholes available to third parties: they only need to report contributions made in the six months leading up to an election writ, and during an election they only have spending limits on advertising. The costs of hiring staff, conducting polls, holding rallies, running a website and any other activities that don't directly fit the category of "advertising" are not regulated by Elections Canada, as they are for political parties.