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Change the House of Commons Standing Orders to end practice of using inappropriate omnibus bills to reduce scrutiny of legislative measures.

Liberal Platform (Page 30) October 5, 2015
Apr 2017

Budget bill would allow departments, agencies to avoid using Shared Services Canada

CBC News | April 12, 2017

The Liberals have introduced an omnibus budget bill that includes a measure that would allow government departments and agencies the option of not using Shared Services Canada for some IT equipment and services.

The 307-page omnibus bill introduced Tuesday proposes changes to a host of existing laws and programs.

This promise was made because omnibus bills were deemed "undemocratic" by the Liberals while the Conservatives were in power. Although the promise is about changing the House of Commons Standing Orders to prevent omnibus bills from being created, it has in essence been broken by the introduction of Bill C-44 (covering the 2017 Budget Implementation) - the Liberals have argued that all measures in that bill are budget-related, yet most news organizations (and even the leader of the Senate Liberals, the Hon. Joseph A. Day - read his speech here) agree that it is an omnibus bill, since it clearly encompasses non-budgetary measures.