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Revert plan to end Canada Post door-to-door mail delivery.

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October 5, 2015

Monday October 26, 2015 | CBC News

Canada Post halts controversial community mailbox program

Canada Post is suspending the conversion of door-to-door delivery to community mailboxes. In a news release issued late Monday, Canada Post spokeswoman Anick Losier said the corporation will work "collaboratively" with the government of Canada to determine the best path forward given the challenges in the postal system.

Although this didn't happen through direct government action (which is still not in place as of October 26, 2015), Canada Post halted the conversion in anticipation of having to work with the new government to revert that plan, and in order to avoid continue doing work that might have to be undone later on. Note that the conversion has been "suspended" for now - therefore this promise will be marked as achieved when/if Canada Post confirms a full reversal.