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Invest $80 million every year to create a new Veterans Education Benefit.

Liberal Platform Page 50 October 5, 2015
Jul 2016

Veterans disappointed with lack of delivery on Liberal campaign promises

The Globe and Mail July 25, 2016

Nine months after the Liberals came to power saying veterans would not have to fight the government for support and compensation, former soldiers say they are disappointed that so many commitments have yet to be fulfilled, including a promise of a free education for those who complete their service.

When the party was campaigning to form the government last fall, it promised to "invest $80-million every year to create a new veterans education benefit" that would cover the full cost of up to four years of college, university or technical education for those who have completed their military service.

But the promise that the education benefit would be available "every year" apparently did not include fiscal year 2016-17, since it was not part of the March federal budget. That has been a disappointment for veterans and those who are helping them to find jobs.